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18 sep 2019
Sri Chinmoy 6 uur op zaterdag 28 september
14 sep 2019
Nog 2 Nederlandse records bij de vrouwen 100 km
14 sep 2019
Uitslag Nederlands Kampioenschap 100 km
14 sep 2019
Hinke Schokker wint de RUN met nieuw Nederlands record!
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* September
* 18 sep 2019: Sri Chinmoy 6 uur op zaterdag 28 september
* 14 sep 2019: Nog 2 Nederlandse records bij de vrouwen 100 km
* 14 sep 2019: Uitslag Nederlands Kampioenschap 100 km
* 14 sep 2019: Hinke Schokker wint de RUN met nieuw Nederlands record!
* 14 sep 2019: Matteo Lucchese wint de RUN Winschoten 100 km
* 14 sep 2019: Tussenstanden NK 100 km
* 14 sep 2019: Prachtige 50 km tijden in Winschoten (met link naar de einduitslag)
* 9 sep 2019: Voorbeschouwing RUN Winschoten 2019
* 6 sep 2019: WK 50 km Brasov, kort verslag
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NIEUWS van September 2002
We would like to give you a list with all lap recordings till jet, but at the moment I am not able to do so. Soon I will give you al such a list so keep on-line!

The new “Domingo Catalan” from Spain, by the name Jorge Aubeso and winner of the Madrid 100K race with 6:32’24 is one of today’s favourites. Michael Sommer from Germany will probably be the man coming in the second half of the race, as told me by Rolf Huizinga, a man writing the “after RUN” each year. Pascal Fetizon is a name to keep in mind as well of course.

The Belgium team is very optimistic and hoping for a bronze medal for the men’s team. Russia and France will compete for gold and silver as be expected, Germany and Belgium will do so for the bronze.

Remarkable is the start of Edith Berces, six days ago she became European champion 24 hours at Gravigny, and now she is running her laps during the EC 100K at Winschoten.

Some misunderstanding arose about the EC 100K for 2004. In fact, the story goes as follows. Originally Del Passatore (Italy) would organise the EC in 2003. Now Moscow became the EC 2003 and as a result of it Italy would shift forward to 2004 while Stein would shift to 2005. Unclear now is if Italy accepts this shift. If so, Stein will have the EC 100K in 2005 otherwise it will be 2004.

For our Dutch visitors, Edward de Ruiter is our fastest team member for the moment in the race. A gap of about ten to twenty meters distinguish him from Veron Lust and Luigi Simbula. Krijn Kroezen is running his own speed.

Leading after 30K:
1:54’53 Igor Tiajkorob (RUS)
1:56’08 Jorge Aubeso (ESP), Ravil Kashapov (RUS), Oleg Kharitonov (RUS), Vladimir Netreba (RUS), Denis Zhalybin (RUS), Pascal Fetozon (FRA), Mirko Vindis (SLO)
First Belgium: 1:58’38 Ivan Hostens (BEL)
First Dutch: 1:29’13 after 20K Edward de Ruiter (NED)


2:09’18 Monica Casiraghi (ITA), Elvira Kolpakova (RUS), Daniel Sanderson (GBR)

Going to get a complete list of lap recordings!

Writing more soon

Anton Smeets

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