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23 apr 2019
Wouter Huitzing loopt FKT op Pieterpad
19 apr 2019
Ultraloop Steenbergen 6 uur op 12 mei, voorinschrijving verlengd
19 apr 2019
Zes Uur van de Haarlemmermeer 29.06.2019: voor-inschrijving geopend
15 apr 2019
Osschotse 6 urenloop en marathon 14/04/19
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* April
* 23 apr 2019: Wouter Huitzing loopt FKT op Pieterpad
* 19 apr 2019: Ultraloop Steenbergen 6 uur op 12 mei, voorinschrijving verlengd
* 19 apr 2019: Zes Uur van de Haarlemmermeer 29.06.2019: voor-inschrijving geopend
* 15 apr 2019: Osschotse 6 urenloop en marathon 14/04/19
* 8 apr 2019: Zestig van Texel met 60 en 120 km
* 6 apr 2019: De lopers van de 120 van Texel zijn er klaar voor.
* 1 apr 2019: Voorbeschouwing Zestig van Texel 2019
* Maart
* Februari
* Januari
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NIEUWS van November 2003
On one side, the editors of UltraNed are quite lazy. The main practice of UltraNed is that we do not seek actively for news ourselves but publish what we get in our mail box
We do not fill our website by copying articles from newspapers or other ultra websites. On the other hand, we make regularly articles and analyses ourselves. Thus we don’t strive for ‘completeness’, but just do what comes across our path or mind, with emphasis on original contributions.

Regularly, press releases or results from ultramarathons outside The Netherlands & Belgium are sent to the editors of UltraNed. Indeed, though UltraNED is a website operating basically in the Dutch language, we publish in addition articles in English (and sometimes German or French) on subjects that might interest a wider audience than the Dutch and Flemish runners of (ultra)marathons.

So any news from foreign ultramarathons is welcome, especially if it could be of interest for (part of) the usual visitors of the website UltraNed. This means that results from an foreign ultrarun will be just published on UltraNed, whether or not there are outstanding performances involved. Often runners were involved that are (or will become) well-known in the ‘low lands’ due to their participation in the 100 km races of Torhout or Winschoten, or the 24 hour races of Apeldoorn or Uden, for example. Press releases or results submitted are also published because the race concerned will be the venue for an international championship in the next year or so.

UltraNed is also especially interested in publishing the national calendars of ultramarathons. Such overviews will serve a very broad ultra public, and will announce their existence, stimulate the interest, and eventually will lead to international participation in such events. At the end of 2002, we got lists of the 2003 ultra calendars by Italy, Denmark, Switzerland and Spain, and of the German marathons 2003. We also published Gérard Stenger’s IAU ‘Long’ list 2003, with many ultramarathons all over Europe (including an impressive number in France ;-). So we would like to invite people in and outside Europe to submit the results of their calendar activities to:
Manuscripts with email addresses and websites are generally most suitable internationally, but the listing of email addresses has the disadvantage that these addresses become very vulnerable for receiving spam. If organisers like to avoid this annoyance, they should insert their home address and/or fax number in the race data. Please have a look at the layout I used to present the Dutch ultra calendar 2004 compilation that recently was published:

Our decision to accept a foreign press release, or a list of results of a foreign race, as an article on our website is sometimes depending on suitability and the degree of ‘interest to a wider audience’. Even if the submitted text is not suitable for publication as an article on our front page, we may use the press release for incorporation in our calendar system (‘Kalender’), or insert the result list in our data base (‘Uitslagen’).

This ‘Kalender’ and these ‘Uitslagen’ are only complete for (about 90% of) the number of about 70 marathons and ultramarathons in Holland + the Flemish part of Belgium, but the ‘rest of the world’ is only rather haphazard represented in these sections.
I will be happy to give you some examples by our result data system. Click on the button ‘Uitslagen’ on top of the welcome page:
you will get a page with a top panel saying ‘Zoek op wedstrijd’: --Alles --
(keep that intact, it means ‘Search in race’: -- All –), followed by
‘Zoek op deelnemer’ (‘search for participant), and this works by family names.

So please try ‘Garside’, the famous UK ultrarunner, and press the ‘Zoek’ command (‘Search’). Ahh, we don’t get Robert, but instead:
Gretchen Garside (USA) – Berlin Marathon 2000, 3.09.36
(Well done, Gretchen, and we trust that you have run marathons in the US as well, but those are not in our data base)

Now we try Kouros, and we get only 4 results, but these concern his four participations in Belgium and in Holland:
Yiannis Kouros (Greece): Torhout 100 km (Nacht van Vlaanderen) 2002 (World Cup): 7.18
Yiannis Kouros (Greece): Torhout 100 km (Nacht van Vlaanderen) 2001: 7.14
Yiannis Kouros (Greece): Torhout 100 km (Nacht van Vlaanderen) 2000: 7.21
Yiannis Kouros (Greece): Winschoten 100 km (RUN ’99) 1999 (European Challenge): 7.25

If you search for a more popular family name, you a get a very mixed type of result by your search. For example, we try ‘Olsen’, a very popular name in Denmark and in countries with immigrants in the past from Denmark: now we get 53 results by about 44 individuals in the data base by UltraNed. This longer list has a lot of Olsen’s in the marathons of Berlin 2000 and of New York 2000, but starts and ends at present with a male and a female ultrarunner:
Sue Olsen (USA): 24 uur Ultraloop de Keien (=Uden, Neth) 2003: 183.715 km
Jesper K. Olsen (Denmark): 24 uur Ultraloop de Keien (=Uden, Neth) 2003: 60.024 km
J-Kenn Olsen (Denmark): Les 100 km du Périgord Noir (France) 2000: 8.08.24
Susan Olsen (USA): 100 km de Vendee (France) 1999: 8.53.22

Obviously, Sue and Susan are the same Olsens, and Jesper. K. and J-Kenn are the same Olsens. The latter Olsen is by now the world-wide known Jesper Kenn Olsen (32), who together with his Russian running mate Alexander Kortokov (45) will start the ‘World Run’ coming January 2004. This will be another example of the publication strategy by UltraNed: we will not cover this two-year event by these two runners, simply because no Dutchman or Belgian runner is involved. News from the World Run will be appear on their own website, plus on a number of websites with a broader field of visitors, like news papers or Ultramarathon World. If, however, somebody sents us a report on this World Run, it could well be published ;-).

So we are back where we started this article: UltraNed sees no need to duplicate messages and articles, generally, but rather likes to bring its own reports, stories and news, and inserts links to the original articles wherever possible.

Martien Baars

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