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NIEUWS van Augustus 2004
The RUN 04, the 29th edition of the 100 km in Winschoten, is a special one: it will host the IAU World Cup 100 km. Winschoten hosted the World Challenge 100 km during 1995, 1997 and 2000.
See for all details on the forthcoming RUN the website:
Entries for the Open Race (and the 10th Dutch National Championship 100 km) are possible till 25 August.
Note that the historic list of winners is also present on the RUN site (but rather hidden in the entry information for the 100 km), and below that list is presented in 'geological' time scale (the oldest records at the bottom). This type of presentation is also used by the ARRS, where they now have a superb collection of more than 30 of these lists for all ultramarathons world-wide that have been held 20 or more times :

The present loop of 10 km is dating from 1991. The RUN started in 1976 as a onetime-event on a large loop of 100 km, but that happening was so enthousiastically received that since then it has been organized every year. After some years it changed into a 50 km loop, and in 1989 in a 20 km loop (the first that was certified according to IAAF/IAU standards).

RUN Winschoten 100 km    Male winner          Female winner

13-Sep-03 6:58:32 Andrzej Magier POL 9:13:07 Inez Jacquemart BEL
14-Sep-02 6:34:16 Pascal Fetizon FRA 7:24:52 Elvira Kolpakova RUS
29-Sep-01 6:45:43 Vladimir Netreba RUS 7:37:02 Martina Bytchkova RUS
9-Sep-00 6:23:15 Pascal Fetizon FRA 7:25:21 Edit Berces HUN
11-Sep-99 6:39:16 Pascal Fetizon FRA 7:33:39 Elvira Kolpakova RUS
12-Sep-98 6:59:50 Andrzej Magier POL 7:45:07 Edit Berces HUN
13-Sep-97 6:25:25 Sergiy Yanenko UKR 7:30:37 Valentina Lyakhova RUS
14-Sep-96 6:43:09 Andrzej Magier POL 8:27:52 Marta Vass HUN
16-Sep-95 6:18:11 Valmir Nunes BRA 7:00:47 Ann Trason USA
3-Sep-94 6:33:43 Jaroslav Janicki POL 7:36:39 Valentina Lyakhova RUS
18-Sep-93 6:25:52 Konstantin Santalov RUS 7:43:06 Marta Vass HUN
12-Sep-92 6:16:41 Jean-Paul Praet BEL 7:55:12 Hilary Walker ENG
7-Sep-91 6:26:20 Konstantin Santalov RUS 8:24:05 Sylvia Watson ENG
-------- loop 10 km
8-Sep-90 6:50:42 Jan Szumiec POL 8:44:33 Riet Horber SUI
9-Sep-89 6:39:35 Bruno Joppen NED 8:53:10 Riet Horber SUI
-------- loop 20 km
10-Sep-88 6:53:49 Wim Akkermans NED 9:54:04 Elzbieta Czerniak POL
12-Sep-87 6:49:06 Bruno Joppen NED 8:17:36 Agenes Eberle SUI
13-Sep-86 6:17:59 Jan Szumiec POL 8:34:40 Riet Horber SUI
14-Sep-85 6:38:40 Vaclav Kamenik CZE 8:05:30 Sandra Kiddy USA
8-Sep-84 6:49:11 Henk Bronswijk NED 8:22:10 Riet Horber SUI
8-Sep-83 6:51:18 Henk Bronswijk NED 9:30:33 Mareike Bestenbreur NED
13-Sep-82 6:39:08 Martin Daykin ENG 9:27:24 Riet Horber SUI
12-Sep-81 6:46:03 Martin Daykin ENG 8:57:02 Waltraud Bayer GER
13-Sep-80 6:35:05 Martin Daykin ENG 8:41:16 Riet Horber SUI
-------- loop 50 km
8-Sep-79 6:46:27 Uwe Schuder GER 8:54:19 Riet Horber SUI
16-Sep-78 6:43:16 Mike Newton ENG 8:59:40 Riet Horber SUI
10-Sep-77 6:35:06 Kasper Berg NOR 9:49:10 Riet Horber SUI
25-Sep-76 6:45:48 Hans van Kasteren NED 12:53:15 Annie Marie Hantke GER
-------- loop 100 km

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