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31 dec 2019
Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Marathon zaterdag 25 januari 2020
28 dec 2019
Trailrunning: samen rennen door de Limburgse heuvels (NRC 6 mei 2019)
27 dec 2019
Eindstand M&U Cup 2019
11 dec 2019
Wat te doen in de Kerstvakantie?
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NIEUWS van September 2004
The front runners have just passed for the fourth time. It looks like the race has really started now. The lone front runner from the second lap onwards, Holovnytsky, was no longer in the front. First was Barcza from France, who is not a member of the French team, in 2.31. Second and third and fourth, on his heels, were Italian Fattore and Frenchmen Fetizon and Djouadi. They were followed by Holovnytsky from the Ukraine, not looking too happy, and by Creel from the United States. The spectators are enjoying the warm sunshine. We think the runners do not really appreciate it, but nevertheless the front runners keep up a good pace. The ladies have not yet completed their fourth lap, but at the third passage (30 K) the first two were on schedule for a sub seven hours time. 

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