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NIEUWS van Oktober 2000
Uden, EC 24 hours
October 22nd, 15:00

The race is over 35 athletes did cover more that 200K which shows the extreme high level if this championship.

In the final stage of the race (the last 45 minutes), all athletes entered the track to complete the final time running laps of 400 meters on the track. The good supply of information by the organisation was of extreme importance at the end of the race. The battle for silver and bronze for the ladies team was very close. After the ladies of Germany and France entered the track, the difference of laps was only one large lap! Team managers of both teams where aware of this fact, by the help of a big screen showing the numbers of laps covered for all athletes passing the start line. From there on they started to count the small laps. The France ladies where earlier on the track, so it was still possible for the French to win silver. After all we have only a difference of 200 meters on the final team results. However in the team result for France the extra meters of the final lap where not added, which could cover the 200 meter difference. It turned out that none of the extra meters where added and Germany still got the silver, with bronze for France. Who could imagine that the differences could be that small in team results? Who could think of this importance of information supply during the final hour of the race? And what to think about the pressure to perform for those ladies involved?

The team results (without extra meters) is:

646.8 RUS
607.6 GER
607.4 FRA

751.8 FRA
731.3 RUS
667.4 GBR
641.0 BEL
537.1 NED

We can look back to a great European Championship. What is left for all of us is to recover from it.

During the race my predictions where between 245K and 260K for the winner. It turned out to be 259K. Athletes have the same thoughts and doubts during their race. Hrmo was an athlete determined to win this race, but during the race one has always to ask if he is able at that specific moment to perform.

So far from Uden. Hope you enjoyed following the race!

Anton Smeets


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