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14 feb 2019
Team Vasbyt komt naar Texel
20 jan 2019
Ambassadeurs van De Zestig van Texel (1): Irene van Wijk
16 jan 2019
30ste editie van de M&U Cup
13 jan 2019
Sri Chinmoy Marathon op 27 janauri
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* Februari
* 14 feb 2019: Team Vasbyt komt naar Texel
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NIEUWS van November 2008
Samenvatting. Onderstaand de Engelstalige lijst van de 25 Nederlandse ultralopen in 2009, waarbij ten behoeve van de buitenlandse UltraNed-bezoekers wat karakteristieken bij elk evenement genoemd worden, zodat zij een indruk krijgen van het soort ultraloop.

2009 Calendar Ultramarathons The Netherlands
(Version 14 November 2008)
Editor: Martien Baars, Texel

Below the current list of 25 ultra races and runs in The Netherlands for 2009. There are 14 runs on loops varying between 0.4 km (track) and 10 km, plus 10 landscape runs on loops or sections of 50 km up to 120 km. In addition, there is a large stage run that will comprise 500 km in 7 days.

Each run is denoted with its geographical name of the start (& finish) site printed in bold. The (J-C) marking means that the loop is officially measured by a federation official with a bike equipped with a calibrated Jones/Oerth-Counter.

New are a 60 km in the woods of Drenthe in January and a 60 km in the ‘Land van Heusden en Altena’ between the rivers Maas and Waal on May 2.

The following ultraruns are or will be official KNAU races, in chronological order:
Stein 6 hrs, Texel 120 & 60 km, Steenbergen 24 & 6 hrs, Cruquius 6 hrs, Around Voorne 50 km, The Hague 12 & 6 hrs, Assen 50 km, Winschoten 100 & 50 km, Amersfoort 6 hrs, Deventer 100 & 50 km and Epe 6 hrs. The latter two are track races.

At least four of these KNAU-races will also apply for an IAU Bronze Label: Stein 6 hrs, Texel 120 & 60 km, Steenbergen 24 & 6 hrs and RUN Winschoten 100 & 50 km. It is yet not known whether some of the other KNAU-races will also apply for an IAU Label.

An impression of the numbers of participants (in 2007) can be found in the article

Please note that the 60 km run of ‘De Zestig van Texel’ 13 April was already fully booked (350 runners) by early November 2008. However, elite runners may still apply for late entries (baars provider The Castricum run on 18 April – also with beach, dunes and wood - is a very nice alternative for people that were too late for Texel. Note that a limited number of entries are still available for the 120 km around Texel (for runners with 100 km < 9:30 or comparable qualifications).

Two races that were on the 2008 calendar are biannual so will not reappear in 2009 but in 2010: the Jan Knippenberg Memorial (twinned with De Zestig van Texel) will be on Good Friday / Easter Saturday 2 / 3 April 2010, and the Six Hours Heerde (twinned with the Six Hours Epe) will be organised at the end of this year Tuesday 30 Dec and then reappear at the end of 2010.

Check for all details the run info on the websites that are listed, although these may not have been fully updated yet for the 2009 editions.
Please note that the email addresses are written with the @ sign substituted by the word ‘provider’, in order to make these addresses less vulnerable for automatic internet search programs that generate address lists for spam mailings.

- - - - - 2009 - - - -

Sunday 4 January: Fat Ass Fifty Schinnen, 50 km on a hilly loop of 4 km, sponsor run for the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation in Kenya; Ger Wijenberg, 0031-46-4350435, gerwijenberg provider

Saturday 17 January: Big Dirty Sixty Spier, 60 km on an unpaved loop of 6 km; Ronald Kwint, 0031-6-50533314, dfw provider,

Sunday 1 March: International Six Hours Ultrarace Stein, 6 hrs (with 50 km timings), electronic Roemers chip, loop 3.1 km (J-C); Stichting Ultraloop Stein, Han Frenken, 0031-46-4339451, info provider,

Saturday 21 March: Limburg Zwaarste, Heerlen, one large and hilly landscape loop; friendship run by Willem Mutze, 0031-45-572143, funrunner2 provider,

Sunday 29 March: Ultraloop Gilze, 65 km and marathon on loop of 22 km; sponsor run for cancer, De Lotgenoten; Toon de Jongh, 0031-6-53278300, ultraloop provider,

Easter Monday 13 April: De Zestig van Texel, 120 & 60 km around the island, point-to-point 60 km incl 11 km beach; Piet Bakelaar, 0031-222-313843, ZestigvanTexel provider,

Saturday 18 April: Forest-Dune-Beach Run, Castricum, 60 km, on a series of different loops, simultaneously with a walking event by SV De L.A.T.; friendship run by Willem Mutze, 0031-45-572143, funrunner2 provider,

Saturday 2 May: Loopevenement Hank, 60 km on a large landscape loop, Stichting Hankse Hardloop Organisatie, Henny Wijnands, 0031-162-402913, stichtingh2o provider,

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 May: International 24 hours of Steenbergen, 24 hrs & 6 hrs (Sunday) & marathon (Saturday), with use of the Champion Chip on a loop of 2.125 km (J-C). The 24 hrs comprise both Open Race and Dutch Championship 24 hrs; SV Diomedon, Peter Suijkerbuijk, 0031-167-540666, info provider,

Saturday 16 May: Eemlake Run (Eemmeerloop), Bunschoten, 50 km, one large landscape loop; Trimvereniging Quo Vadis, Nelleke Koelewijn, 0031-33-2984681, info provider,

Saturday 23 May: Self Transcendence 100 and 50 km, Amsterdam, 100 km, loop of 2 km in the ‘Amsterdamse Bos’; Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Nederland, Peter Zuidema, 0031-23-5160362, amsterdam provider,

Sunday 31 May - Saturday 6 June: Pieter-ROG-pad, Pieterburen-Maastricht-Pieterburen, stagerun over 500 km in 7 days, a real discovery tour of the eastern parts of The Netherlands from south to north along the ‘Pieterpad’; the nights are spent at campings; Runners Oost-Groningen, Sietze Houwen, 0031-598-451784, informatie provider,

Saturday 6 June: Six Hours Race Haarlemmermeer, Cruquius, 6 hrs, Champion Chip, loop 1.7 km in Cruquius (west of Hoofddorp); AV Haarlemmermeer, Jos de Krijger, 0031-6-54226903, provider,

Sunday 14 June: Around Voorne (Rondje Voorne), Brielle, 50 km, one large landscape loop including 10 km beach (but J-C measured!); Voorne Atletiek, Henk Dekker, 0031-181-415960, h.a.dekker provider,

Saturday 20 June: 12 Hours The Hague (Den Haag), 12 & 6 hrs, Champion Chip, loop 1.86 km (J-C, new measurement 2007); Haag Atletiek, Jeannet Bloks, 0031-70-3236846, 12uurs provider,

Saturday 4 July: Round of Amsterdam, 60 km, one large landscape loop; SV De Lange Afstand Tippelaars, Alex Wijsman, 0031-20-6900036, info provider,

Sunday 5 July: Ultraloop Assen, 50 km, on loop of 5 km including the 400 m track; AV AAC ’61, Nellie van der Made, 0031-6-53386867, mica.made provider,

Saturday 29 August: The Monks Trail (Monnikentocht), Ter Apel-Bourtange, 50 km, point-to-point landscape run; Runners Oost-Groningen, Richard de Vries, 0031-597-432925, info provider,

Sunday 30 August: The Fifty of Gouda, 50 km, loop 5.053 km; AV Gouda, Clemens Wennekes, 0031-6-29043415, clemenswennekes provider,

Saturday 12 September: RUN 2009 Winschoten, Open Race and Dutch Championship 100 km, plus 50 km as part of the IAU 50K Trophy, loop 10 km (J-C) with the use of the Champion Chip; Stichting Ultraloop Winschoten, Liesbeth Jansen, 0031-6-22490053, racedirector provider,

Saturday 26 September: Self Transcendence 6 hrs, Amsterdam, loop of 2 km in the ‘Amsterdamse Bos’; Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Nederland, Peter Zuidema, 0031-23-5160360, amsterdam provider,

Sunday 4 October: Ultrarace Amersfoort, 6 hrs, also marathon, loop 4.85 km (J-C, but validity expired); AV Triathlon, Onno Kleefkens, 0031-33-4803818, info provider,

Saturday 10 October: Berg en Dal 60 km, Nijmegen, one large and hilly landscape loop; simultaneously with a walking event by SV De L.A.T, friendship run by Willem Mutze, 0031-45-572143, funrunner2 provider,

Sunday 8 November: Daventria 100 km, Deventer, track 100 and 50 km; AV Daventria, Ed van Beek, 0031-6-50233323, e.vanbeek provider,

Sunday 27 December: Six Hours Epe, track 6 hrs; AV Cialfo, Hennie Strunk, 0031-578-616910, woc provider,

- - - - - 2010 - - - -

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