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23 feb 2020
Belgisch Kampioenschap 24 uur, Baanultra Steenwijk 50-100 km
19 feb 2020
25e Dirix Zes Uren en 50 km Ultraloop Stein op 1 maart
11 feb 2020
Zestig van Texel ontloopt de Paasdrukte van 2021
31 dec 2019
Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Marathon zaterdag 25 januari 2020
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* 23 feb 2020: Belgisch Kampioenschap 24 uur, Baanultra Steenwijk 50-100 km
* 19 feb 2020: 25e Dirix Zes Uren en 50 km Ultraloop Stein op 1 maart
* 11 feb 2020: Zestig van Texel ontloopt de Paasdrukte van 2021
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NIEUWS van April 2011
Margreet Dietz (1970) is een Nederlandse die in 1996 als journaliste in het buitenland aan het werk is gegaan, met standplaatsen als Brussel, Toronto en Sydney. De artikelen die ze als financieel journaliste voor Bloomberg News schreef, zijn ook gepubliceerd in kranten zoals International Herald Tribune, Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, The Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald, the Hong Kong Daily, New Zealand Herald, Seattle Post-Intelligencer en De Tijd. Haar verhalen over triathlon en hardlopen zijn gepubliceerd in tijdschriften in Australië en Canada. Ze woont in Squamish (British Columbia, Canada).
Sinds dat jaar 1996 is ze niet alleen aan het schrijven maar ook aan het duursporten geslagen en ging ze fanatiek aan triathlon doen. Na het volbrengen van haar 5e Ironman in 2005, verlegde ze haar aandacht steeds meer naar het hardlopen. Haar marathon PR is 3.07.10 (de Victoria Marathon in de hoofdstad van Vancouver Island, september 2008). Haar ervaringen en die van 50 andere vrouwen in de sportwereld heeft ze beschreven in haar eerste boek (2009) onder de mooie titel Running Shoes Are a Girl’s Best Friend.
Afgelopen jaar deed Margreet haar eerste ultra (een 50 mijl trail race in British Columbia) en ze besloot na afloop in training te gaan voor haar eerste 100 km al drie maanden later. Over de fysieke en mentale voorbereiding op dat 100 km debuut heeft Margreet een nieuw boek samengesteld: A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km

Op en op zie je de boekaankondigingen inclusief wat achtergrondinformatie over de schrijfster.

De trailer van het boek is spraakmakend met het nummer ‘She runs to be free’ als achtergrondmuziek - door de Brabantse rockband RatedPG: Peter Keus, Giaco Nijman, Gijs van Hooijdonk, Arno van Houwelingen en Mathijs Roks.

- - - - - -

Het boek is opgedeeld in honderd hoofdstukken, elk 1 pagina met een reden om 100km te lopen. Hier is het voorwoord van het boek plus de hoofdstukken 9 & 72:


The idea for this book was born 10 days before the start of the Haney to Harrison Ultra, my first attempt at running 100 kilometres. While finalizing my physical preparations, I also wanted to ready myself mentally as best as possible.
At some point, I knew that I'd ask myself why on earth was I trying to run that far? I wanted to have an answer—a good enough reason that would keep me going long enough to find out what it was like to complete a century run. Believing I was ready to try, and feeling excited about the challenge, had been my main rationale to register for the event.
Would that provide me with enough tenacity when I needed it the most? While I didn't expect to look for a reason during each kilometre, I set about translating my 100km drive into words. As the number of reasons and pages increased, the process not only gave me all the determination needed to finish this milestone, it also highlighted how ultrarunning has brought an extra dimension to my running, and the lifestyle I've led since a five-minute jog in 1996.
A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km reflects a personal journey. Other ultrarunners have contributed their motivation. I've also added quotes from some of my favourite books that helped me. I hope this book provides you with encouragement, and reinforces the key reason, to run 100km—because you can.

9 Because of its wonderful simplicity

The concept of running 100km is simple: you start running and keep going until you reach the finish line. You know that today and you'll know that on race day. In my case, the race started in Haney, a historical town that's part of Maple Ridge, BC, at 4am at the intersection of Brown Avenue and 223rd Street, so I needed to make sure to be there with Tim, my race crew. From then on it was a matter of running, following the route as described, to the point of completion in Harrison. In life we often have too many options and choices and possibilities. Sometimes there is no absolute right or wrong answer. Grey has many shades. On race day, however, I knew exactly what I needed to do: I needed to keep going. Since it was my first 100km run, it was even simpler as I didn't have a performance goal to compare it with. So I was just going to run at a pace that felt sustainable, take walk breaks and keep going. Everything, and I mean everything, in my mind and body would be done with the sole purpose of finishing that 100km race. Simple. My mom sent me an email saying she’d been thinking about me writing this book. It had been on her mind when she walked the kilometre to my sister’s house to feed the cat who was home alone for the week as my sister was overseas, visiting me. My mom wrote, “I can only think of one reason to run 100km and that's to complete it—smiling. That's the achievement.”

72 Because walk breaks and hills are your friends

One of the appeals of ultrarunning is the fact that races are, well, long. The sense of accomplishment after completing an intimidating distance is a great reward. Yet thinking about the length can be overwhelming. I wanted to avoid burying myself under the thought of the mountain of kilometres ahead. Imagine getting to the 30km mark—a crucial moment in any marathon when running another 12.2km seems painfully far—and realizing you still have 70km to go. The solution? I made a conscious decision not to think about how many more kilometres I still had to go, nor to consider the potential number of running hours left. Walk breaks and hills are great ways to help you avoid thinking about the century run as one big, giant undertaking. As planned, I'd changed pace early and often in the 50-miler. In the 100km, I eased my stride about every 20 minutes or when encountering a hill, whichever came first, slowing down to a brisk walk for 30 to 60 seconds. Any experienced ultrarunner will tell you to walk up the hills. Not only does this save physical energy, it's a great mental break. So embrace the hills in an ultra as they provide important physical and mental rest, bolstered by the opportunity to eat, drink and consume a helping of positive affirmations. In the second half of the 100km, my walks increased in frequency and duration, as I was tired and sore. I'd have felt worse had I not taken these breaks early on. Walk breaks are very helpful and allow for a much speedier recovery. Thank Tom Osler for that discovery. The runner and author of Serious Runner’s Handbook (1978) and Ultramarathoning, The Next Challenge (1979) with Ed Dodd, told Runner's Gazette in 2000: “The trick is to start the walking breaks while you are fresh ... With walking breaks, ultras are a piece of cake for any trained runner.”
- - - - -

A Hundred Reasons to Run 100km van Margreet Dietz is uitgevoerd als paperback (132 pagina’s) en verkrijgbaar via en . (bijvoorbeeld via de Duitse Amazon:
Er zijn ook electronische versies beschikbaar voor de Amazon's Kindle en voor Apple’s iPad ( via de Duitse Apple winkel).

- - - - -

Martien Baars

PS Ooit publiceerden we hier op UN het artikel van Andy Milroy over de 100 km, The Universal Ultra ( Nog steeds de moeite waard om terug te lezen, ook vanwege de voetnoot die ik onder dat artikel heb geplakt. 

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