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17 jun 2019
Zes Uur van de Haarlemmermeer: WE GAAN LIVE!!!!
10 jun 2019
Verslagje Belgisch Kampioenschap 100 km 2019
10 jun 2019
Verslagje WK trail 2019
4 jun 2019
WK trail 2019 Portugal
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* 17 jun 2019: Zes Uur van de Haarlemmermeer: WE GAAN LIVE!!!!
* 10 jun 2019: Verslagje Belgisch Kampioenschap 100 km 2019
* 10 jun 2019: Verslagje WK trail 2019
* 4 jun 2019: WK trail 2019 Portugal
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NIEUWS van Mei 2001
Ultraned has a database with a lot of results. You can use this database for your own queries. We will introduce you to the possibilities by giving you a quick guide to answer the question “give me all results of Paul Beckers”.

Getting started
First of all, you find eight buttons on the top of the page. Select the fourth button with “Uitslagen” on it (Uitslagen is Dutch for Results).
After this you get a page with two frames for query definition; the top frame is often enough; the second frame is for advanced use.

Using only the first frame
There are two selection possibilities
Zoeken op wedstrijd (i.e. searching for results of an event); default --Alles-- (i.e. all) Don’t change this!
Zoeken op deelnemer (i.e. search for athlete); enter the name Beckers
Click on the “Zoek” button in the right down corner of the frame or just press the Enter button on your keyboard and your query will be executed.
The result will show also other athletes named “Beckers”

After you have send your query to the database you will receive an answer with results. Sometimes the distance and time are blue, in that case you can get more information; sometimes it is only a splittime like the 50K split time during a 6 hour race, in other cases you even can get a full list of lap recordings!

Note 1: In some caes it is useful to know that only a prefix part of the name is sufficient; specially by names translated to our west-European alphabet. If you try to find Reutovitch, no records are found in the database; using only Reuto the result of the last year EC 24 hours is found.
Note 2: In some cases a prefix string will not be the solution; if so, you can try to use a substring of the name. Enter the substring and select the other option below it.
Default the dot is places at option "Achternaam begint met deze tekst", i.e. the string you entered is a prefix string of the name. Select "Tekst komt ergens in achternaam voor" and you can enter any substring for search.

This is all to lknow about the first frame.You can start trying to put your own queries to the Ultraned database of results.
If you try to find information of Irina Reutovitch, "Reutovitch" will give an empty list of results. In such a case try with only a prefix part of the name like "Reuto". Do not worry to ask a question which will select an enormous list; each selection stops after 200 found records so the communication channels will not be overloaded and a quick respons from the database is guaranteed.
If you want more information write to . We will try to solve your problem, and add perhaps more to this page.

Using the advanced frame as well
By asking iformation about Paul Beckers, you received a list containing also results of other athletes. This can be avoided by giving more specific information about the athlete. In case of Paul Beckers; all others named Beckers are not Belgium, so just adding the fact that Beckers is a Belgium runer is sufficient to do the job.
Select Beckers in the first frame as above, but do not select "Zoeken" i the first frame.
There is a selection field named “Nationaliteit” (i.e. Nationality); click in the white field or down arrow at the right of “Natioaliteit” and select “België” in the list of nationalities
If you now click on the button “Zoek” in the right down corner of this frame, you get only the results of Belgium runners called Beckers, which is in this case only Paul Beckers.

Anton Smeets

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