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NIEUWS van September 2001
To RRW Subscribers, U.S. Marathon Championships Athletes and NYC Marathon Friends,

It is hard to explain to you what it is like today in Manhattan. Outside my window things are calm, the city streets bathed in warm sunshine. An ambulance or police car comes by every few minutes; there are no other cars to slow them down on First Avenue which is closed. Ironically, they are passing over part of the course of the New York City Marathon.

Physically, Jane and I are OK, but emotionally we are traumatized. The twin towers of the World Trade Center were a symbol or our pride as New Yorkers. I have been in the towers many times, and Jane was there only yesterday. They were so huge, so massive. It is almost impossible to believe that they are now gone.

We went out this morning to donate blood, but after several hours we were told to leave the blood center because they could only process people with O-type blood. There were so many people there to help. New Yorkers can be hard, but we have big hearts. We will get through this, together.

I have not yet spoken to New York City Marathon race director, Allan Steinfeld, but I am certain that our race will be held on November 4th as scheduled. If there is any important information you need to know, I will alert you as soon as possible.

Thanks to all of you who have written me expressing concern and support.

This means a great deal to me.

All my best,

David Monti, Editor & Publisher, Race Results Weekly 

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