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19 feb 2020
25e Dirix Zes Uren en 50 km Ultraloop Stein op 1 maart
11 feb 2020
Zestig van Texel ontloopt de Paasdrukte van 2021
31 dec 2019
Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Marathon zaterdag 25 januari 2020
28 dec 2019
Trailrunning: samen rennen door de Limburgse heuvels (NRC 6 mei 2019)
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* Februari
* 19 feb 2020: 25e Dirix Zes Uren en 50 km Ultraloop Stein op 1 maart
* 11 feb 2020: Zestig van Texel ontloopt de Paasdrukte van 2021
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NIEUWS van November 2001
The Australian Ultra- marathon Six Day Race Colac will be held from the 18th
to the 24th of November at Memorial Square Colac Victoria.

The race has been held on the Memorial Square on an annual basis for the
last 15 years. It has a unique niche in Australian Ultra-marathon running
and Australian athletics in general. The race attracts male and female
international runners and runners from every state within Australia.

The race was born out of Cliff Young's attempt to beat the 1000 mile and for
years it worked in tandem with the annual Westfield Race in bringing the
sport of Ultra-marathon running to the world.

This year the Australian Six Day Race Colac Inc.race committee will present
this special event on its beautiful circuit under leafy elms to the
thousands of interested sportsmen and women around the world.

The 6 Day Race will be very different from previous years as it will be
available to people World Wide live over the Internet, with eye catching New

The race will be transmitted live via a Webcam (Internet Website Camera) so
people around the world will be able to share the experience and watch the
race in progress. This is a first for Colac and Australian ultramarathon
running in that no event has been broadcast live via the net, expanding our
city to the world, thus giving the race world wide recognition.

This has been made possible by a very kind donation of Internet line use and
web space by The Standard "Setting The Internet Standard For the Great South
West" who have over 1 Million visitors to their Internet Portals in
Warrnambool and Colac per month,

Thanks also to Mr. Keith Dobbins (Internet Manager ) and to Peter Edwards
for his assistance in making the page and maintaining the equipment which
will be operating 24 hours a day for the 6 days of the race.

Emails can also be sent to the runners from The Australian Six Day Race
Homepage and they can reply to them as well,
The email address is

The Australian Six Day Race will also be offering more in the line of New
Technology as in a VCD "Video Compact Disk" containing video footage from
the race and still images that the runners and visitors can buy of this
historic event. This VCD is playable on most DVD, Sony Playstations, VCD
Players and your home Computer.

We hope this New Technology will attract great interest in our race and
attract better sponsorship for the following years. Which will mean better
prize money and conditions.

Phil Essam

Verantwoordelijk redacteur: Anto Smeets, 

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