Participants 120 km Texel 2022

It is a tradition that on Ultraned all 120 km participants are presented with their achievements. At one point there were 45 runners on the list of participants. That is now 28, with a few more runners possibly not starting on Sunday 27 March at 4.35 am.

Not all runners have met the requirement of a performance in the 100 km, 12 and 24 hours, Spartathlon or Elfsteden Ultraloop. They received a wildcard because it was estimated that they should be able to finish the 120 km within the strict time limit of 13:30. When the first 120 of Texel was organized in 1993, a distance of more than 100 km was still something that few achieved. There are now many races of 100 miles or more. The distance of 120 km is therefore no longer a problem for many runners. But the time limit of 13:30 does. That is why there are qualification requirements to participate in the 120 of Texel.

Runners from 4 countries will start with 2 former winners in the men’s race and 2 in the women’s race. In addition, John Bouwens participates, who managed to finish in the last 6 editions of the 120 km race.

The list of participants of the 60 km solo run and relay and 120 km solo run can be found on the website, with the latest registrations not yet processed:

Nr.NameNat.100 kmTexel 120 kmOther results
120-1Irene KinnegimNED7.35winner 201924 hours 232 km, Great Escape 100 mijl, hele JKM
120-2Leonie TonNED7.54second 201924 hours 219 km, Spartathlon
120-3Lian StadhoudersNED8.14debutthird place Zestig van Texel 2019
120-4Wilma DierxNED9.11winner 201324 hours 224 km, Spartathlon 6-time finisher
120-11Geert CeuppensBEL7.36winner 2019Spartathlon
120-12Werner RoelsBEL7.27winner 201724 hours 209 km, Spartathlon
120-13Leo SmetsBEL7.34second 20196 hours 80 km 2020, M55 overall second place world
120-14Bram van RijswijkNED7.24second startDutch Champion 100 km
120-15Jort van ZutphenNEDxdebutTriathlon Frysman 4th place, winner ISU 120 km
120-16René KromkampNED9.20debut24 hours 181 km
120-17Stefan van der PalNED8.34debutElfsteden Ultraloop 230 km second place
120-18Robert BoersmaNED8.003 finishesUltraMilano-SanRemo 282 km
120-19John BouwensNED9.086 finishes60 km 3-time finisher, 120 km 2009-19
120-20Edwin OttoNED9.322019finish JKM 125 km 2014 and 2016
120-21Richard LemstraNED9.19debutTrailrun Terschelling 50 km first place 2015-2016
120-22Jan MullerNED8.072015, 2017Winner JKM 125 km and JKM 60 km
120-26Alex OliemanNED8.052019Indian Summer Ultra podium 2017-2021
120-27Steven SchenkelsBEL8.45debutSpartathlon
120-28Marc LaevenNED10.13debutZestig van Texel 2019 10th place, marathon 2.52
120-29Wilse GravelandNED9.312019winner West Coast Challenge 2016-17
120-31Menno van BruggenNED8.13debut3 Bruggen Ultra 65 km first place 2016-2017
120-33Endy KasanardjoNED9.182015, 2019Spartathlon, 207 km 24 hours
120-34Tomas PrysmantasLTU8.012019Elfsteden Ultraloop 230 km third place
120-35Carsten PlittGER9.53second startMauerweglauf 100 mijl
120-37François FlisijnNED9.452015, 2017Legendstrail 272 km, Offa’s Dyke Race 300 km
120-39Sander TurnhoutNEDx2019Great Escape 100 mijl 2021
120-40Paul ZwetslootNED9.20debutWest Coast Challenge Halfway 2021
120-41Jeroen KuyperNED9.182019Indian Summer Ultra 127 km

Henri Thunnissen